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Copywriters! Marketers! Here is an offer for you that you can't refuse.
Let me convert your copy into great looking, high converting sales pages.

Unlimited sales page designs * - $1997/month

(Monthly Recurring Service — Sales Page Design & Development)

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* Terms and conditions apply

Introducing... The Page Sutra Club

Get unlimited sales pages designed and built each month (T&C apply).

Even for your lovely clients.

Custom designed to match your copy.

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Introductory price: $1997/month

Charge your clients more. Because “value addition.”

Without doing any extra work.

Become a darling of your clients.

Page Sutra Logo

No upselling. No games. Just great service.

How it works


Join the Page Sutra Club.


Download the sales page design questionnaire and save for regular future use.


Email the filled questionnaire, your copy, and other material and details.


You get the finished sales page back in just a few days.


Email the copy for the next page, along with the filled questionnaire and other material and details.


Enjoy the extra money and love from your clients.
Awesome! :-)

Once you join...

Here is what happens after you make the payment and join the Page Sutra Club

You will be redirected to a “thank you” page after payment. Please save the link of this page for future use.

This thank you page will contain the following items:

  • The download link for my “Landing Page Questionnaire” (Word document), containing several questions that help me understand your needs, your market, your offer and positioning, and many other details that help me create a great looking and high converting page for you.
  • Complete instructions and other details about the process for getting your pages designed
  • My email address, in case you need to reach out to me with any questions.

What I need from you

For each page that you want me to design, you need to send me the following items:

  • The copy (final version without any edits pending)
  • The Landing Page Questionnaire, duly filled
  • Your logo and any product images, ecovers, etc.
  • Photos of people using it, or screenshots of the product (where applicable)
  • Any code snippets or scripts, with full instructions for adding it. These include optin form code, facebook pixels, retargeting code, analytics and tracking code, etc.
  • All login details, including user names, passwords, URLs, etc., that may be required for getting the work done

What you get

You get back each page with a unique design and developed on the platform of your choice (or as a regular HTML/CSS page, depending on your choice).

You get as many revisions as you like if you aren't thrilled with the first version of the design.

You get full support from me as long as you remain a member of the Page Sutra Club.

I welcome all feedback and constructive criticism from you.

Here are the things I can / will design for you, as part of this deal

  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in/squeeze pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Membership pages
  • Order forms
  • Facebook ads

Here are the things I can NOT do for you

(Because I am not good at the following, or because these need to be quoted for separately, as an independent project:)

  • Logos
  • Ecovers (or other product designs)
  • Illustrations
  • Full websites
  • Ebooks, PDFs, or lead magnets

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Who am I & what are my credentials?

Rohit Sinha

Hi! I am Rohit Sinha, your friend at Page Sutra.

For several years I have focused exclusively on designing websites, sales funnels and landing pages that convert.

Some of my designs have made hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients.

Everyone knows that you can fly in economy class because it is cheaper and more economical, but deep inside almost everyone would rather fly in first class.

The Page Sutra Club is the “first class” of landing page and sales page design. At economy prices.

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Rohit has wonderful design skills. I use him to create landing pages for me and for my clients and his work is spectacular. He has very strong understanding on how to design a converting landing pages.

Dori Binyamin,

Rohit saved the day and helped us have our best affiliate launch ever. We needed a landing page done ASAP and Rohit made it happen - on time and within budget. He went above and beyond to give us exactly what we needed.

— Eric Handler, Founder of

Not only did Rohit produce a stunningly gorgeous landing page in a ridiculously short timeframe, he was super easy to work with and extremely professional. Best of all, he made me look good in the eyes of my client. I highly recommend Rohit and will use his services again and again.

Kristina Shands, Authentic Buzz Marketing (

Terms & Conditions

Please review these terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to join.

  1. “Unlimited pages” means I won't put a limit on the number of pages I design and build for you. But I can only do what is practically feasible.
  2. I may need 3-7 working days to complete a page, depending on its length. I will try to get it done for you as fast as possible. Please plan your work accordingly.
  3. I will be unable to chat on Skype with you. Email keeps everything documented for easy reference.
  4. You are free to cancel at any time. But if you do cancel and want to join again, you will have to pay the then current rates.
  5. Regular websites, logo designs, and ecovers are not covered under this service.

Join The Page Sutra Club

I can only take a very limited number of clients. As of now, there is space for just ONE more member. Please join immediately if you don't want to miss out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you really do unlimited pages for me?

“Unlimited” here means I won't put a limit on the number of pages I design and build for you. But I can only do what is practically feasible.

I won't keep a count of how many pages I end up doing for you each month, but it does take some time to finish each page, so that does put a practical limit on how many pages I can actually do for you.

What platforms will you use to build the sales pages?

ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, WordPress, or even static HTML/CSS. It's up to you.

And of course, if you have a preferred platform of your own, just let me know. I love playing with new tools and interfaces, and can get up to speed pretty quickly.

Your delivery times will not be affected by the choice of platform or tool.

You will need to own the licenses of any paid products that are used.

Can you set up automation or integrate service X with my Sales Pages?

If you can provide me any code that needs to be added in a particular location of the Sales Page, I will be happy to do it.

Unfortunately, I am unable to work outside the Sales Page or log into your CRM, auto responder, or hosting service (basically anything other than working on the Sales Page itself).

What if I need to edit the Sales Pages for split testing or other reasons?

Just send them to me, the way you would send a new Sales Page.

Or you can edit them yourself, if you have the ability and the inclination.

What is your refund policy?

Because I can only accept a VERY limited number of clients for obvious reasons...

AND because this is an offer that requires hard manual and creative work to fulfill...

I can't offer refunds (except very rarely, and that too on a pro-rata basis).

If you are unsure if the Page Sutra Club is right for you, please email me at to find out if we are a good fit for each other, or to address any concerns you might have.

What if I don't like a Sales Page that you design?

WHAAATTT??? You break my heart! :-(

In any case, I offer free revisions till you are happy.

Will you give me the PSD file of the design, or show it to me first, before building the page?

I don't do full PSD designs any more. I create portions of the page in Photoshop, and build the page as I design it in the browser itself.

For this reason, I am unable to give you the PSD file. If you want changes, just let me know and I will be happy to make them.

Can you write copy too?

No. I am not a copywriter. :-(

If you need copy help, just let me know, and I will put you in touch with a few copywriters I know, depending on your niche and budget.

I have more questions!

Please email me at with your questions. Thanks!